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30 Aug

I always struggle to find the right words to describe my past with illness and how I overcame it. This is a story about overcoming something I didn't see possible, a second life and the ability to over come anything that tried to stop me.

This amazing Canadian artist put my story into a song and she wonderfully executed it. The fact she could take what I wrote to her and turn it into this beautiful work of art, just shows the raw talent that flows through her veins. Lady knox thank you for being my voice on a topic I struggle to talk about. I hope this reaches the ears of many people that can relate. 

Spreading the word about my second life, I like to call it. Has opened my circle up to some amazing people. I love helping people and being apart of that change in their life. It is this genuine relationship in which we can relate to one another's suffering in our own way. There is no thoughts of I suffered more, but that we just suffered and got better. 

CBDMAN is a message, a brand that makes you think of unity in your most lowest points. That experience of someone who can relate, grow and learn from each others experiences. The final thought of we are not alone ever, there is always someone to reach out to and one of those places can be right here.