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25 Sep

#CBDMAN is geared up to change the way we think of food. Last year I called it, I said the brand will be a home staple in a year and a half, and it has become just that. I appreciate everyone who chooses to look into what the CBDMAN vision offers. We have only just started. Just wait until the expansion of my other trademark that is in a class of spices and dressings. 

This is not going to be just spices and dressings. This is going to be unique creations, combining the two and expanding into the great vision of changing how we look at food from with in. This will be a silent movement, I will not force anything down people's throats, loyal customers will speak for the brand as they have been. The word will spread across Canada, our creations will enter grocery stores, local markets and there will be online classes in using the best certified organic ingredients from all around Canada. 

Many outlets exist, and CBDMAN is set up business wise to work with established businesses already, who align with our views. I get asked a lot about what am I going to do about it? I have been working behind the scenes in doing something about it.

If you are happy now with what we offer, you have not seen anything yet. I project a 2-3 year time frame in getting this up and running. I have only given you guys a fraction of what this will turn into. For now, we have some amazing products, through extensive searching and feed back from our customers.  #WeArentSlowingDown