CBDMAN - The Fahnz's Office (Interview)

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31 Aug

The last couple of months I have been getting memories on Facebook of 2017 where I went live everyday and talked about my experience with full spectrum C•B•D oil. I was bran new to it, so I wanted to give everyone a live experience and day by day evaluation.  Here's the thing with me. I am awkward when I know I'm being recorded. I ramble on auto pilot, I fumble my words and I do these weird nervous things I can't control lol 

I watched a few of them and I honestly don't know how people could watch a whole thing of me just talking 😂. For 2 months I did this every day, because I take my drops every day, so I would literally take them when I went live. It's kind of cool to see my energy levels in how they slowly progressed during each live weekly. 

My skin turning less pale and getting more color, if I were to compare the first week of videos and a month later, there is a huge difference and the bags under my eyes decreased. The difference of being sick and tired to being motivated, driven with hope, and healthy. My first straight year of not being sick, I dont even have words to describe how that felt. I definitely enjoyed not missing out on things. 

I realize in 2020 I have to adapt how I spread my message and my experiences. This is a really cool project put together, where I reached out to Monica Kennedy, Lady Knox to see what she thought about doing a song for me. It is super cool she did because I am a big fan! Recently I did an interview with Jeff Lott, #TheSuperFan in The Fahnz's Office I needed to edit out my rambling parts, but this was a genuine one take interview, I really enjoyed hearing Jeff's experience and that I could be apart of that. I talked a little about my own experience, but Monica perfectly laid it out in the form of music that came from the soul. I am grateful for the connections and these opportunities to taking different approaches of spreading the word and sharing our experiences. 

Please give these two a follow, and hear their journeys.

Here is the interview with CBDMAN, Alex Leckie hosted by #Myself.

"Come hear how Alex started his business, what the CBDMAN brand is all about, & how CBD may be beneficial for your health! As well as hearing a bit of my testimony as to how Alex helped me turn my health around, including me once again becoming 1 year SeizureFree after taking his CBD_OIL on a daily basis. This is a Super Informative interview & it was Super Fun filming it with CBDMAN!"

'CBDMAN is THE MAN for all your CBD needs!'


"SuperSpecial ShoutOut to Lady Knox who performs CBD_MAN ...the intro and the final frames."


For a link to take the courses click here there is a certificate course and a general public course.