12 biological systems in the human body

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27 Feb

Our bodies are made up of many important systems that help our body function. When we throw these systems off balance, we can experience many ailments and chronic illnesses that hinder day to day life. Each system plays important roles in the overall health of our body, and sometimes we have to turn to nature to regain balance. Here are the 12 biological systems in our body.

I get asked a lot what the difference between a purified CBD isolate and CBD rich whole plant extract. I always like to refer back to clinical studies done that reference the bell shape curve response CBD isolate produces, due to its lack of binding affinity. They found that adding traces of other phytocannabinoids produced better results.


Overcoming Bell shaped response 

Tale of two cannabinoids

Get your reading glasses out

20 years of endocannabinoid Awareness

Achieve balance throughout your body. #CBDMAN is rich in phytocannabinoids, omegas, vitamin e, terpenes, flavonoids. Studies show promise in how these phytocannabinoids interact with our Systems